creates shoes starting from an idea of a refined and cosmopolitan woman, with a lively and always on the move everyday life.

Shapes, models, heels are entirely designed and made by their own creative studio.

The perennial research, carried out throughout Europe, is aimed at creating products that satisfy women in the various moments of their day, always looking at beauty, which makes them feel connected with the globalized world.

All this by firmly believing that such beauty can only be achieved through MADE IN ITALY because our craftsmanship has always been an excellence all over the world.

The "Stelio Malori" company has deep roots over time, which is based on a family group formed by Stelio and his wife Orietta and their three children Gabriele, Federica and Simone.


The "Stelio", original model, was created in the shape, bottom and design of the model by "Stelio Malori" and is found, to clarify, given the growing presence of imitations in the footwear market, at our points of sale or shops always and only authorized with the STM brand.